5 Indian Startups That  Encourage Out-of-the-box Thinking [Infographic+content]

5 Indian Startups That Encourage Out-of-the-box Thinking [Infographic+content]

5 Indian startups that follow unconventional path to success

Let’s take a closer look at the interesting journey of these 5 Indian Startups and know more about their future plan.

Few additional facts about  HungerBox

  • The HungerBox app connects employees of the client organization with enlisted food vendors. Employees can use the app to place orders and track the delivery status.
  • HungerBox provides software to organizations to track the entire food and beverages (F&B) operations. The organization uses an IoT based solution. It helps effortlessly connect the vendor hardware with employees of its corporate clients.
  • The app uses Artificial Intelligence to provide personalized recommendations to employees.  The app is used by individuals, restaurants, and offices in the locality to place group-orders.
  • Currently, HungerBox operates in major cities like Delhi/NCR, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune,  and Jaipur. They cater to more than 75 corporate clients like Microsoft, Accenture, Qualcomm,  ABB, FirstSource,  Capgemini, Genpact,  McKinsey and more. 
  • The business has progressed tremendously over the past 15 months. The HungerBox platform has already received nearly 7 million orders. Now they have the infrastructure to accept 120,000+  orders a day.

Few interesting facts about MedikaaBazar

  • Medikabazaar is one of the largest online aggregators of medical supplies in India. It is known for its wide range of unique services exclusively designed for hospitals, medical establishments, and consumers.
  • They have grown multiple times over the last two-and-half years with a noticeable rise in month-on-month revenue income and customer procurement.
  • Medikabazaar caters to the medical supply needs of over 6,600 hospitals and medical institutions. They maintain  70,000+ stock keeping units in medical supplies. There are plans to increase the product portfolio to 200k by 2018-19.
  • They aim to become the largest procurement and supply chain partner with a special emphasis on meeting demand on time. The hassle-free online ordering system reduces medical supplies procurement cost by up to 30%.
  • The platform helps innovative med-tech companies to connect with customers. Medikabazaar keeps them updated about the latest innovations in their respective fields.
  • Currently, Medikabazaar has six operational offices in Mumbai, Gurugram, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Hyderabad, and Chennai. The team contains 80+ efficient members.
  • Medikabazaar recently introduces MedikaRecycle which is a marketplace for used and refurbished medical equipment. The effort aims at reducing the Capex burden on medical institutions in tier-2/3 cities.
  • This Indian startup has partnered with various banks and financial institutions to facilitate SME financing options.  They have launched the MedikaXlusive scheme showcases exclusive medical and dental supplies range from domestic and international manufacturers. The  MedikaStar, a B2B loyalty programme helps save more on every order.

Few Facts About Monsoon CreditTech

  • Monsoon CreditTech team consists of experienced data scientists and financial analysts who have the track record of working at some of the best-known financial institutions in the world.
  • The team is backed and mentored by some of the biggest names in the Indian financial world like Rajan Anandan (VP and Managing Director, Google), Sunil Kalra (Managing Director- Via Projects), Rishi Srivastava (Angel investor) and Aditya Singh (Analyst, Corporate Strategy & Development – Intuit).
  • Monsoon CreditTech is one of the efficient Indian startups that has leveraged the power of Machine Learning to improve loan approval rates by up to 24% and reduce delinquency rates by up to 40%.
  • Monsoon CreditTech claims superiority over competitors with Idiosyncratic Pattern Capture Technology, New Age Data Analysis Mechanism, and Enterprise Data Sandbox.
  • As of now, they have processed approx. 50,000 loans. More then 1.5lakh loans are still in the pipeline.

Some More Info About CROFARM

  • Crofarm is one of the rare Indian startups that focuses on Farm-to-Business model with efficiency. They have over 10,000 farmers from Delhi NCR, Uttar Pradesh, and Haryana, in their network. Its partners include well-known names like  Big Basket, Jubilant Foodworks, Reliance RetailGrofersBig Bazar and Metro Foods.
  • Crofarm generates its revenue through commission earned on the sold products. The commission is nearly 5% of the price for less perishable items. For green vegetables, the commission is around 15% of the product price. For fruits and exotic items, the earning is even highe, around 20-25% of the product cost.
  • The company gets products with longer shelf life from national sourcing zones.  Other products are procured from regional sourcing zones.
  • Crofarm agritech startup has competitors like MeraGrocer, Ninjacart,  Freshfalsabzi.com and GrocerMax, operating in the same space.
  • The efficient digitized agri-supply chain provided by Crofarm has resulted in zero wastage which in turn has raised the income of farmers and neighborhood retailers.
  • Farmers who use the Crofarm platform are now earning  25% more than their previous income which they used to earn by selling the produce to mandis (markets).

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