Five Smart Ways To Create a Lasting Impression  With Perfect Investor Pitch Deck

Five Smart Ways To Create a Lasting Impression With Perfect Investor Pitch Deck


Are you facing difficulty with your startup funding? It might be because you have failed to create a perfect investor pitch deck that angels and VCs like and approve. In spite of those endless sleepless nights when you worked hard to prepare an attractive powerpoint pitch deck, something seems to go wrong when you actually face your angels.  If this is happening repeatedly then you need to ask yourself whether you have failed to recognize the key issues that investors actually value in a business plan pitch deck.

Here in this video, I offer a slide-by-slide presentation of how to apply five smart tricks to create a lasting impression with a killer pitch deck.

Few additional points to keep in mind while creating a great pitch deck design:-

  • Make your investor pitch deck visually appealing by including graphics and images.
  • For your startup pitch powerpoint presentation, use a consistent font style, size, and color for the header, title, and text. 
  • Give them a reason to remember you by Including interesting sound-bites.  
  • Decide the key slides in advance and plan accordingly. Limit the pitch deck to a maximum of 20 slides. Avoid too many technical words or financial jargon. 
  • Make sure you are providing the updated and latest information only in the investor pitch deck. 
  • Try to send the pitch deck at least a day or so in advance before meeting your prospective angels and VCs.  Send it in a PDF format which is convenient to open. 
  • If it is an in-person presentation, try to arrange a live demo of your product. 
  • Don’t just show them an idea. Make an attempt to communicate your startup traction to investors.

A perfect pitch deck with a compelling story and precise information can impress investors instantly.

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